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Services, Tailor Made


In today’s world the need of liquid cash has blown everyone of us compelling us to focus on ‘somehow make money in short cut‘.
Well, at the first look, short cut fascinates us and impress us by creating an illusion to believe ‘quick money making is easy and achievable‘. Strictly speaking it is not easy to earn wealth with short cuts.

There needs to be a lot of planning and actions to achieve the financial goal.

If one asks me why do we need a financial objective for life. The simple answer is the financial backup for anyone will make the person independent in their life and boosts the ‘freedom of independence’ thus increasing much needed attention on important things keeping aside the worry of wealth.


Here is where Nambike helps to achieved the financial services that leverage benefits of simple ideas.

Nambike has helped hundreds of people by advising them with various services like

  • Insurance
  • Equities
  • Wealth Management
  • Tax & Taxation
  • Mutual Funds & Portfolios
  • Health Advisory
  • Legal Services