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Here is what our customers say..

Karthik is a gentleman of high human values.  I always  believe that  a man with high human values are the one who can very well connect to you in your needs. To me personally, he was the one who has opened up several channels  of thoughts of possibilities in investment sector.  It is when I interacted with Karthik, I found that he was the one I was looking for financial advice.  The best quality I found in him is he understands your requirements and puts it straight forward, and tell you about future financial outcome.   I am sure, anyone who is thinking for financial plans will have their own plans but I recommend you to get his advice as a third person.

I my case I was always careless and unstructured, his help came in very handy when I was advised as a friend, not as a financial adviser.  One must understand that there must be a WIIN-WIN, but in a way you want your accounts to be.

Undoubtedly you can count Karthik if you think of this WIN-WIN for your financial world.

– Prashanth, London

“We’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the handwork and exemplary service provided by Karthik and his firm. Over the past 18 months, Karthik’s expertise and the attention-to-detail with which he has handled our financial portfolio, has not only helped us achieve our personal financial goals, but also add a number of solid and long-term assets to our investment portfolio. Above all, it is the absolute integrity of his dealings with us that always gives us the peace of mind of doing business with his firm. It is extremely refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly and genuinely interested in their client’s needs, preferences and circumstances. If you’re looking for a reliable person to help manage your personal finances as well as revamp your investment portfolio of assets, we cannot recommend Karthik and his team highly enough.

– Janaki & Sidharth – Client since 2014.

Karthik and his team are experienced in their field such that the information they give is very accurate.  The service we ask, gets done very quickly with no delay and it is always on time.  They use the technologies available to make the service painless.  People at Nambike can even go to post office and send our documents on our behalf, which reminds me a great value in their service.

– Niranjan, USA

Karthik is handling my financial related works from past 5 years. It’s great being associated with such a humble and quick solution provider. Almost all of my queries has been answered without much confusion. I am sure this relation will continue with the same intensity further. Thanks a lot for being support hand whenever and wherever required.

– Jagadish V, Tech Lead

Karthik is a true professional. I have been a client of Karthik for several years now, and I have to say, he is probably one of the most patient businessmen I have ever dealt with. He is extremely accommodating and hard working. Admittedly, I don’t know much about insurance or investments, but he has always taken the time to educate me and inform me about my various options. Any time I have a question or concern with my insurance policies he works on my concerns right away and we are able to resolve any difficulties that might have arisen. You can take heart in the fact that he isn’t just trying to sell you something, he legitimately cares about his clients and works hard to get them the best coverage at the best rate possible for each individual situation. I would highly recommend Karthik to anyone who wants a professional who takes ownership their work and sees its execution & completion.

– Rajeev CN, Bengaluru

First and foremost, Karthik is a my very good friend, a Childhood Friend. Starting from day one of my first job to till now, I have been getting guidance & assistance for all my financial queries from him on a regular basis.  He is the solo person who is supporting all my insurance and finance related services from the inception.

Before getting into any business, he explains enough till we get exact knowledge of a specific Product. He is being a true professional associated with me for so long and helping me through out. Many thanks for his support, for being helpful in all aspects of my inquiries and definitely look forward for continuous engagement.

Indeed it is a very long time association him.

– Praveen & Vidya, Mysore

I have been using the services provided by Nambike team for the past several years. With great pleasure and regard I write this testimonial for the excellent quality services rendered to me for all kinds of financial planning services – be it insurance/mutual funds/stocks/income tax. Personally I feel indebted to Mr. Karthik Kumar A.S for his personal touch and concern for my purpose, which makes this experience more worthwhile and fulfilling.

Overall my satisfaction level is A+, both with the technical expertise and know- how as well as with the quality of service and promptness of communication and the constant spirit to deliver and accommodate. I wish Nambike team success and good fortune for future and certainly recommend them for your services.

– Karthik

I have only one sentence to say ‘Most dependable financial service provider’

– Harsha R, Mysuru

I was introduced to Karthik when I was in need of managing my insurance and financial services.  The trust (ನಂಬಿಕೆ) on his services made me to handover my financial worries to him thus leveraging my main focus on building my work of interest.  Cheers to the Nambike team and thats the way to go.  I am sure your digital presence will definitely make more sense to all of us to meet day to day financial challenges with ease.

– Venu, Bengaluru

Karthik’s service as a Tax consultant to my wife and myself, made us very happy and convincing over the policy and the terms and conditions were clearly explained with examples in the real life situations.

His suggestions and advice was a great help for us to make a decision on our child education plan,as well as both of our life securities too.

It would be business as main motto, but Karthik made us feel very comfortable in clearing all our doubts with patience at several times.

Finally to end with,it is a friendly relationship which Karthik maintains with us till now.

I hope we together will walk for years to come

– Sandeep Dayalan

Karthik has been our friend for the past 20 years. We became friends first and then his clients once we started working.  He has ensured that our money has been invested safely and wisely. He is trust worthy, honest, hardworking. He is disciplined and that discipline and honesty shows in every single investment he has made on behalf of us.

He takes personal interest in each of his clients making sure that each person  gets his special brand of interest.  He makes sure the papers are filed, submitted and the deals closed well before time. Despite having a big clientele, he has everyone’s statistics on his finger tips and he is always a phone call away to answer all sorts of questions and queries.

We have seen him grow his business from a few handful clients to now a small empire of his own all because of his tenacity and hard work.  Thank you Karthik for being our financial advisor and a very close friend.

– Kiran and Hema, USA

Karthik is very good friend of mine and I know him since 2005. He is very prompt in giving the financial advice. He answers all my calls when in need & give provide solutions for any financial queries.

– R.Gopala Krishna, Bengaluru